Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Letter to Bret Farve

Dear Mr. Farve,

So Ive heard from a little birdie that you decided to come back to football. And that your not playing for the Jets, youve moved on to the Vikings. Personally I dont care because Im a Redskins fan but I figured I needed to get this out.

What is wrong with you? Can you not make up your mind? Geez, your the Mark Martin of the NFL - YOU JUST DONT KNOW WHEN TO STOP! Dont leave people hanging like that!

Now I could see if it was money that you were interested in but I know you go plenty in the bank from all those years being a Packer. Your turning into one of them - players who cant make up thier mind if they are happy with thier team and how much money they are making. There are people who have lost thier jobs and having a hard time looking for a new one yet you can do the switcharoo and hop on to another team because you want to play?

Think about all those other quaterbacks who want to start a game? They have careers too! I would hate to have my thunder stolen by a 39year old (which I must say you look like your 49), who has had his fair share of highlight reels.

So could your reconsider your thought of coming back? I know youve got until Oct before you make your Viking debut.