Friday, May 8, 2009

Can 2 really play this game?

The other night DH called me a hypocrite. Im still trying to figure out why. I personally feel there are certain things I dont want to tell people. Including people I work with. So alot of times I just want people to know what goes on in my bedroom. Which should be fine, but DH is friends w/a co worker of mine and they talk. Im sorry I work with this guy, I dont think he needs to know my sexual prefences. I have every right correct? Apparently I dont.

I am in a moms groups which I love. I never thought I would like them, but I was wrong. Its nice to finally have a set of women who can relate to you. I love my best friend, dont get me wrong, but she lives with her mom, doesnt have sex prior to marriage and doesnt have any children. See where I need someone else to relate to? Well, occasionally ill talk about DH on the moms group. Were all guilty of it, some good some bad. Its mostly to rant and get off our chests. Of course the last year has been hard on me emotionally and I need someone to tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So DH is mad because I complain about him so he thinks that these women think DH is a asshole and wonder why I still stay around. Ok, that may be the case but all of us rant about our spouses. You can just bottle up and hold it in. So hes worried about what other women who hes never met, think of him??? Thats not like him at all, he doesnt care what others think. I just wish he'd get off my case about the moms group. He doesnt like me in it because not only do I talk about him, I also discuss him mom and our lives. Well what else are we supposed to talk about, the weather??? I never understand his method to his madness.

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