Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmm

I got to thinking not to long ago. Ever notice how guys pull out the stops to be with you but as soon as they get what you want, all the magic is gone. Ive always thought about this. Its like they have this mentality that once you wow them, they dont have to do it anymore. SO NOT TRUE! What girl doesnt want to be suprised every now and then? My spouse tells me that I have to tell him when I want a date. Then I feel like theres no excitement because I already know what to expect. I want suprises, romance and be swept off my feet. His answer? 'since we've had the kids I cant afford to do that anymore'. Since when did love have a price tag? I would much rather have a romantic night in then to go out to dinner. Instead hes attached to the tv watching what he wants while I sit on the couch bored out of my mind. I dont know about any other women, but I want to be told how nice I look, or that im an amazing person, or he loves to be around me. Women need that reassuarance every now and then.

For me the last time we went out minus kids, was Dec of last year. Ive been itching to get some time alone with out both children but its hard. Mostly because of him. Dont worry weve got plenty of sitter options. Hes just to lazy to do anything about it. We even have gift cards to have a date night but we will prolly never use them, which actually breaks my heart. It sad when we could make a date not cost a dime, he still wont spring for it.

I just wish guys would open thier eyes and take notice of whats going on.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. It's rough. I basically have to set everything up for a date and then force my husband to go.

  2. then you feel like, theres no magic b/c you put the work into it. I just dont get men!