Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome Intro

I guess before I started blogging, let me at least give you some background on me.

Hello! Im LuAyne Brown. I was born on Jan 11th 1985 at PG county hospital. I am the oldest of 3. My siblings are Tom (2/17/86) and Eileen (8/4/89), my parents have been happily divorced for over a decade. I graduated HS from Old Mill in 2003. I completed my post basic education at the Broadcasting Insititue of MD, where I majored in TV production. I am the proud momma of two little ones, McKenzie (11/5/04) and Riggins (2/1/09). I am also married to a wonderful man, Will (wedding date 7/8/06). I have a f/t job working for Honda of Bowie as an accounting clerk. I also run my own Mary Kay business ( I have a very busy life but thats the way I like it. I run on 2 speeds - non stop business and rest, ive got no inbetween.

Some other random stuff about me:
Fav colors - pink and yellow
Owns a Mini Cooper and refuses to trade it in for something more 'practical'
I like various types of music. Im not a big fan of country.
I love to pole dance (not stripping, I dont get naked)
I love meeting new people
I am not afraid to be me, if your afraid of being you, then who are you?

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